New Yorkers please remember Kirsten Gillibrand’s progressive anti constitutional voting record!

Remember Kirsten Gillibrand’s progressive anti constitutional voting record. Below is an email I just received. Gillibrand does not represent the views of upstate New Yorkers but instead panders to liberal down staters. Throw progressive Sen. Chuck Schumer into the mix and upstate NY has virtually no representation in the US Senate.

Impeach Obama! Treasonous Liars, Cheaters and Thieves all!

Impeach Obama! Treasonous Liars, Cheaters and Thieves all!


We are finally on the verge of taking action to reduce gun violence. The Senate will vote later today on a set of lifesaving, bipartisan gun safety reforms.

But – and this is an important “but” – 13 extreme Republican Senators are trying to filibuster it. The filibuster caucus, including Senators Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, James Inhofe, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and even Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is threatening to thwart the will of 90% of Americans – just to appease the NRA.

We must stop them. We cannot let the extreme right-wing sink life saving reforms. To break this filibuster, we all have to stand up and be heard. We have to act now to ensure this gets a vote. Victims and their families deserve at least that.

Click here to sign this petition urging the Senate to end the filibuster of bipartisan gun reform. You can also watch me make the case on “Morning Joe” for why this is so important.

Sign the petition to stop the filibuster. Gun violence victims deserve a vote on gun safety reform. Add your name now.Over the last week, I have seen family members of gun violence victims – from Aurora to Newtown – visit the Capitol to plead with their senators to support critical gun safety reforms. These families deserve nothing less. Really, they deserve more than a vote, they deserve for this legislation to become law.

But we cannot get it to President Obama’s desk unless we cross this filibuster hurdle.

I need you to stand with me to send an unwavering message to Senator Mitch McConnell and the filibuster caucus: Now is the time for a vote.

Sign this petition to make sure that we stop the filibuster and finally get an up-or-down vote on commonsense gun safety reforms.

Thank you,


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