Vote Carl Paladino for NY Governor in November.

We are backing Carl Paladino for NY Governor.

I received the below in an email.

Hello,  fellow Republicans ,  many months ago I told you so, but like so many others you also probably thought I was crazy for supporting a candidate that made a contract with the people and that wanted to clean Albany. I strongly believe and support the Constitution of the USA, I strongly believe that the fundamental wright to govern a state and consequently a country was and will remain in the hands of the people. I also believe that you support the same philosophy and that you want to protect that extremely important document , our constitution. Mr Paladino could use your help and could use people of principle like yourself and I. Our Republican party has to come clean once and for all, the state can’t function with the status quo, small business and mid class families are seriously suffering, families are leaving NY because of high taxes and no jobs. This can’t go on for much longer, our long time politician can’t hide behind the curtains and point fingers at the democratic majority, and expecting people to vote them in again, “We The People” have had enough. NYS needs people that will go to Albany and take care of business for the people , and after return to normal life. Is that so hard to understand? How are our fellow Republicans going to behave now? Are they going to support our Republican candidate, MR Paladino? Please start making your phone calls, and don’t forget that “united we win” and “divided we fall” we still have a choice, hopefully everyone will make the proper one. Regards, Emanuele

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