Gibson for Congress Campaign Update. 9/08/2010 NY congressional district 20

We have exciting news and wanted to share it with you first!  Our campaign is launching Chris’ first ad and you can view it here and share it with friends and family before commercial TV viewers see it. This strong biographical commercial highlights Chris’ dedication to service, his history of leadership in tough situations and his understanding of the serious problems confronting voters, from the lack of private sector job growth to the reckless government spending in Washington.  The commercial, titled “New Leadership,” will begin airing on Thursday, Sept 9th throughout the district with a substantial broadcast and cable media buy.

In the spot, Chris reminds the viewers that we need to get America back working again and fix Washington by reducing reckless spending and lowering our taxes.

Although we are on the cusp of restoring principled, fiscally conservative leadership for our region in Washington, it will not come easily.  Our opponent has been raising money non-stop since early 2009 and he has access to virtually unlimited campaign contributions from unions and special interests determined to keep his reliable vote for Speaker Pelosi’s radical agenda.

In order to get our message out, we must raise more money and keep this TV commercial on the air. We must have the adequate funding to tell fellow citizens about Chris’ experience and that he is ready to lead in the fight to restrain out of control government spending.  And to tell the truth about the misguided votes by Scott Murphy:  his constant support for more ineffective “stimulus” spending, his vote in favor of “Obama-care”, with its higher taxes and job-killing regulations, and his support for the notorious “card check” bill to eliminate secret ballots in union elections.

My opponent is already on the air with TV ads proclaiming his support for fiscal responsibility and small business.  His actions tell another story, but we risk being overshadowed by his unlimited resources unless we raise more money to tell voters of this district the truth about his record and about what I’ll do differently.

Unless we raise the money to compete in this election, voters won’t know the truth about  Scott Murphy’s record in Congress.  Our opponent has a substantial cash advantage because he has been showered with contributions from big money interests like national labor unions and liberal PACs.  They know they can rely on his vote and they’re prepared to pay and pay again, in order to keep him representing them, instead of you, in Congress.

Help make sure this commercial, and our next ones, stay on the air now through November 2nd. Any amount will help us ensure more people will see and hear our hopeful message for restoring America.

A donation of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or as much as the legal maximum, $2400, will go a long way towards reclaiming representation in step with our common-sense ideals. Any amount you can give is appreciated.

We can restore America to greatness and get our economy moving again.  With your help, we will succeed.

Sincerely yours,

Patrick Ziegler
Chris Gibson for Congress
Campaign Manager

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