Update on Kingston Tea Party Rally, April 15, 2010

Dear Patriots,
Please be advised that we are sponsoring our 4th Tea Party Rally event on Rt. 9W near the Hudson Valley Mall on April 15 between 3p.m. – 6 p.m. Please note that we will be meeting behind the parking lot of Staples for prayer, Pledge of Allegience & a short speech at 2:50 p.m.
In an effort to uphold the INTEGRITY & the good working order of the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party please adhere to the following rules:
1. Safety comes first. When you assemble on Rt. 9W please stay at least 4 ft. from the roadway.
2. Children should be monitored at all times.
3. Profanities or obscene gestures will not be tolerated. Should anyone hear or see anyone using any abusive language or causing a disturbance please report their behavior immediately to one of the assistant coordinators who will be wearing name tags.
4. Due to the large volume of traffic we strongly suggest that if you need to cross Rt. 9W that you do so in your vehicle & not on foot.
5. In the event that  a member(s) of the public, attempts to engage you in a debate please advise an
assistant coordinator.
6. Please do not leave any garbage behind.
7. Do not stand in any vehicle entrance ways to shopping plazas.
8. We encourage everyone to patronize local stores & establishments before and/or after our event.
9. Please acknowledge all police, fire and emergency vehicles with positive response as they pass our Rally.
Note: To insure our right to peacefully assemble without interference from a pinhead(s) we have contacted several law enforcement agencies and requested patrol awareness.
Thank you and may God Bless our efforts to protect the Republic known as the United States of America.
Tom Santopietro,
American  Patriots of the Hudson Valley / KRTP
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