Representative Scott Murphy

It appears Congressman Murphy has switched from leaning no to leaning yes on this Monstrous health care bill being pushed by Obama/Pelosi/Reid. For an updated list go here.  He now joins Gillibrand and Schumer. If you don’t want this government take over contact him ASAP and let it be known. Contacting the Congress. 15,000+ jobs will be created at the IRS to make sure that you comply with this government mandate on health care. The more that comes out the worse it gets.

H/T to Judy

Good Morning Patriots,
This is an minute by minute update from on where congressmen are with the health care bill. You’ll know exactly who are still on the fence & who to call/fax/email. Of course Murphy folded. I’m disappointed but not suprised. I wonder what Pelosi promised him – Ha. We can’t give up and must press on. It may not seem like it but God is on our side because we are fighting for His principles!

American Patriots of the Hudson Valley

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