Robert of the 4th Reich clears democrat’s misconception on obamacare!

Robert Reich to old people – “We are going to let YOU DIE”

10/15/09 was Palin right? Robert Reich quote regarding death panels.

Calling Rep. Grayson. Robert Reich an advisor to Obama clears up the misconception on health care for the elderly. The handicapped may also fit into this scheme. Where is the make believe media on this? Let’s get Reich’s word out. If you are elderly the government is not going to make the expenditures to maybe keep you alive for a few more months, they are going to let you die. How much did it cost to keep fat, drunken Ted Kennedy alive in his last months? That’s right congress will be exempting themselves from the Obamacare program. And I also understand we don’t have Obamacare yet.

Robert Reich: What An Honest President Would Say About Health Reform

I guess Reich is in essence telling us that we don’t have an honest President, but most of us already knew that. He is a deceiving liar and Rep. Wilson was correct in telling him so.

Robert Reich Public Option Video

I am not an academic and don’t have the facilities to research everything, but then again I am not a news organization. Just a simple blogger putting out my thoughts. I understand that there is limited choice between states in the health care offered because of the various regulations of state insurance commissions which prevent cross state issuance of health care insurance. Rather than getting the government more involved in another huge program (the public option) would it not be better and more economical to allow health care to be sold across state lines or at least allowing more existing health care insurers to enter a state’s market?  Thoughts anyone.

Please comment and also take these posts and get them out. Place the clips on your site if you have one. E-mail the link to others. we are running out of time.

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