Dear Patriots,
Please be advised that The American Patriots of The Hudson Valley will be holding an organizational meeting at the American Legion Hall located on Old Stage Road in the Town of Lake Katrine on Wednesday evening, October 28th at 7:00pm.
We plan to discuss the formation of committees within the organization that will help promote the expansion of our membership within the Hudson River Valley area.  We will also discuss future activities of our Kingston Tea Party movement and how WE THE PEOPLE can make a difference in protecting our United States Constitution and God given liberties. We need your feedback, ideas and support to help defeat socialism within the American Republic.
The catalyst of restoring power back to THE PEOPLE can be found within  the tea party movements . The success of this movement lies within the guidance of DIVINE PROVIDENCE.
Thank you.
For God, Family, Country and Our Liberties.
Thomas Santopietro
Support the Kingston Tea Party movement. Even a small but growing group has more of a voice than an individual speaking alone. Join, and support as you can. This is a dangerous time for our Republic. Obama has had a second Czar, Ron Bloom make a chilling statement. This should be a wake up call about what lies ahead if not stopped.

SHOCKER: Obama Czar Agrees With Mao, Too, and Thinks Free Market is Nonsense

This radical socialist piece of garbage is another Obama cohort. Judge him by those he surrounds himself with.

Ron Bloom says:

“the free market is nonsense,” and that “we kind of agree with Mao that ‘political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun.’”

These characters should also know that dictatorial and oppressive regimes are often ended from the barrel of a gun.  Hopefully the beginning of the end of Obama’s regime will be in 2010.

A thank you to WT at Theodore’s World for her post. Take a visit and see her site.

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