Education or Indoctrination of our Children.

I just wanted to share this with all.  We are all aware of the
indoctrination of our children in public education system.  This
is NO surprise and has been going on for years.  

I just found these books completely by accident while on Gmail\
 .. .they were banner ads in the Google sponsored ads on the right
\ side of my mail box.  This is a copy of the actual ad from Google: 

Mama Voted for Obama
Fun children's book lets your kids know you made the right choice!

Go to:  

There are three books at this site:  Mama Voted for Obama, Why Mommy
 is a Democrat and Why Daddy is a Democrat.  When you go to the site
 make sure you click on each book and see some of the sample pages.

I am not able to search to see if there are any books with a
republican/conservative slant.  I realize there there are tee
shirts, bumper stickers, etc, but do not know about books. 

Just sending on info ... personally?  I am going to check my
]school libraries to see if these books are there.  Fair and
balanced?  I think not.


Judy Pepenella
Conservative Society for Action
Executive Board
Twitter:  JudyPep
631 983-0813

Tea Party Patriots
National Leadership Council
New York State Co-Coordinator

Visit New York State Moms at:

All parents should check with their children, other parents, their child’s teacher(s) and school administration and let them know this is not acceptable. Thanks Judy.

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