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GOP Doctors Talk Healthcare on the House Floor

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Washington, Oct 16 Members of the House GOP Doctors Caucus took to the floor this morning to talk about the Democrat’s health care proposal and its affect on their patients.  In the coming weeks, Republican members of Congress with healthcare backgrounds will begin each morning with speeches on the need for real healthcare reforms and how current proposals will affect patients.

Excerpts from the floor are as follows:

House GOP Doctors Caucus Co-Chair Dr. Phil Gingrey (GA-11):
“Our seniors have suffered tremendously since our recession began.  Their 401k retirement plans are 201k’s and the dollar doesn’t buy as much as it did last year.  However, my Democratic colleagues don’t think seniors have paid enough this year.  So, now they are asking our seniors to foot the bill for health insurance reform by cutting the Medicare program of $500 billion. Those cuts will result in seniors losing benefits under the Medicare Advantage program such as vision, dental, hearing, or even annual checkups.  Those cuts will result in longer wait times or simply make it harder for senior patients to find a doctor that will see them at all.  Worst of all, those cuts will ensure it will be harder to fix Medicare when it runs out of money in 7 years.”

House GOP Doctors Caucus Co-Chair Dr. Tim Murphy (PA-18):
“Health care costs are not high because people have health insurance. Costs are high because there is $800 billion of waste in the system. Now the Senate is proposing to increase taxes on health insurance. As someone practicing in the health care field, I know it is bad medicine.  Congress needs to figure out ways to lower health care costs instead of discouraging people from having health insurance.”

Dr. Paul Broun (GA-10):
“I have practiced general medicine in the state of Georgia for almost four decades. The American people need to understand that if the House bill or the Senate bill gets passed into law, physicians like me all across this nation are not going to be able to give the kind of care to their patients that they are able to provide today. Medicare patients are going to lose the quality care that they are getting today. Tens of thousands of people are going to lose their private insurance. The cost is going to go up for everybody in this country. The quality of care is going to go down. It is going to be too costly. We are going to be all forced on the bureaucrat-run health care system and the American people need to know this.”

Our congressman Scott Murphy (D-NY) appears to be in lock step with Obama/Pelosi/Reid on this POS bill. Contact Congressman Murphy and tell him no Obamacare. Also contact our two Senators.

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