Warrior Weekend TOMORROW

Please get everyone out for this. And pass this on asap to everyone you know.
I wanted to pass on to you some information that I hope you will be able to pass on to your members.   There is a program called “Warrior Weekend” that the Veterans Groups in the USA started a couple years ago.  It is an opportunity for these groups to sponsor wounded servicemembers that are at Walter Read Medical Center in Washington, DC, for a weekend away from their hospital beds and rehabilitation schedules.  Such a group is arriving at the Rhinecliff Train Station this Friday Oct 9th at 5PM.  They will be taken by a “Hummer Limo” from there to the Holiday Inn in Kingston.  They should arrive at the Holiday Inn at approximately 5:30-5:45PM.  We would like to encourage any individuals or groups that have the time, to come out and line the road in front of and into the Holiday Inn parking lot.  They can bring American Flags, or banners.  It is a way for us all to show our appreciation for our wounded veterans.  These servicemembers will be here for the weekend and the local communities have donated boat rides, meals, lodging and so many other things for them.  The Kingston Veterans Association Including the American Legion and VFW have raised the money to pay for train fare and any other expenses.  Please try to attend.  Bill Forte (845) 339-1486
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