Kingston Tea Party 9/12 For Immediate Release.

Contact:  Tom Santopietro                                                                       845-399-6943

American Patriots of the Hudson Valley is proud to announce the 9/12 2009 Kingston Tea Party Rally.

Town of Ulster:  September 12, 2009 from 11 am until 3 pm. WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES will peacefully assemble our Kingston Tea Party Patriots along Rt. 9W, Town of Ulster (across from Wendy’s near the Hudson Valley Mall.)

At this time THE PEOPLE will peacefully demonstrate by displaying American Flags and signs of Protest against our government for their uncontrolled spending, unfair taxation, abridging our constitutional rights and encroaching on our God given liberties. Furthermore, we will convey a strong message to our elected officials that WE DO NOT WANT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE NOW OR EVER!

Our KINGSTON TEA PARTY is part of a NATIONAL GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT, not affiliated with any political party. We encourage all American Patriots to attend and help save Our Republic and say NO TO SOCIALISM!


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