NY 2010 federal election.


Thanks to WT at Theodore’s World for posting this. Visit the site and get her take on this and many other things of concern. We must change what is going on in DC and start now in preparation for 2010 and continue into 2012 and 2014. We can no longer be complacent, neither can we let state and local politicians off the hook. For various reasons not all of us can contribute financially to defeat these thieves, not all can attend tea parties or town hall or even local board meetings. We all can however try and contribute in those ways that we can. The smallest effort is not diminished by the largest. They all contribute to the sum.

NY State federal elections 2010. Visit for more detailed information on both federal and state races.

1. Federal

1. 1. United States Senate

Main article: United States Senate election in New York, 2010

Main article: United States Senate special election in New York, 2010

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer is up for reelection.

Democratic Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton resigned to become United States Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed to the seat, but an election will be held to determine who will hold the seat for the remainder of its term.

1. 2. United States House

Main article: United States House of Representatives elections in New York, 2010

All 29 seats will face an election. The 29th district (at least numerically) is expected to be eliminated after the 2010 United States Census and subsequent reapportionment; it is also expected to be one of the most competitive, as first-term incumbent Democrat Eric Massa faces a slightly uphill battle for re-election in a mostly Republican district. Another potentially competitive race will be for the 20th district, where the candidate that wins the special election to replace Gillibrand will be running for re-election. The 19th and 25th districts have also been mentioned as districts in which the Republicans will mount significant challenges to incumbents; both have, until recently, been represented by Republicans but are now in Democratic hands. [1]

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